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How To Move Antiques and Collectibles

Pad_Wrapping_Cabinet_HouseWondering how to move your antiques and collectibles? Let Heartland Moving and Atlas help.

Atlas is among the world’s most trusted and experienced antique movers. We treat every item with the finest professional care.

But moving art, antiques, and collectibles takes extra care.

And no one understands that better than your Atlas Professional Van Operator, Heartland Moving, and crew. They know just how your valuable items should be packed, handled, and transported. They are skilled in best practices to make sure your precious items arrive safely in your new home.

For more information about how to move your antiques and collectibles, visit:

March 26th, 2015|Moving Tips|

Moving Kids

Moving can be stressful for kids, too. Heartland Moving’s committment to personal service and care help your move go smoothly, leaving you available to address the fears and concerns your kids may have.

Remember, moving is an adventure and can be very exciting. Check out these five tips from Atlas Van Lines to ensure your move is family-friendly. For more information, visit

March 26th, 2015|Moving Tips|

Moving With Pets

When you go new places with Atlas, we want to provide a smooth transition for everyone, including your pets. All pets require special attention and can be especially sensitive when it comes to moving. Pre-planning is essential when it comes to pet relocation. For assistance, follow these pointers to enjoy a stress-free move for everyone. For more information, visit

March 26th, 2015|Moving Tips|

How to Move Cups, Glasses and Stemware

Atlas moving professionals share their perfected kitchen packing methods used by our expert movers. With our guidance, you can see how to pack up your cups, glasses and stemware without the headache. Similar to packing up your dishware, it’s also important to remember to use the proper packing techniques for the different items. From moving antique glass or china to an array of utensils, we have all the right tips to bundle up your kitchen safely and efficiently. For more information, visit

March 26th, 2015|Moving Tips|

How to Pack Your Electronics

As trusted and experienced movers, you can always count on Atlas to safely deliver all your electronics. From computers to flat screen televisions, our team of experts can provide you with all the right tips and supplies to ensure your possessions are safe and secure. Here are packing tips straight from the Atlas professionals to guarantee safe travels for your precious technology.  For more information, visit

March 26th, 2015|Moving Tips|