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What not to move: Addressing Non-Allowables

Here at Atlas, safety is a priority! That’s why we provide all customers with a list of items that cannot be moved because they are hazardous, perishable or irreplaceable.  Use this video as a guide to understand the differences in items, and what you should know about them. You’ll be ready for moving day, with no unpleasant surprises. For more information, visit

March 26th, 2015|Moving Tips|

How to Pack Your Kitchen

Is your kitchen filled with cookbooks, appliances and various breakables? Don’t get overwhelmed by packing up your kitchen. With a solid game plan and packing tips, the daunting task becomes much more manageable. And with our help, we’ll show you all the right ways to pack your kitchen items so they arrive safely at your new home. For more information, visit

March 26th, 2015|Moving Tips|

Tips for Your Local Move

  • Have the mover move boxes from garage to garage, it takes less time than putting them in the rooms.
  • Take mirrors off the dressers before the movers arrive and replace them after the movers leave.
  • Disassemble and reassemble beds.
  • During the winter make sure snow is scooped and salt has been put down for more traction.
March 26th, 2015|Moving Tips|

Packing Tips from the Experts

Nothing affects how smoothly your move goes than being packed and ready.

Here are some packing tips to help with your move:

  • Each box should be labeled with the room it needs to go into and a few of its contents for easy unpacking.
  • Always write on the side of boxes that you pack so you can see its contents while the box is stacked.
  • Always pack a “Parts” box, including hardware from disassembled furniture, remotes, and other essentials, LABEL IT WELL!
  • Check with your home owners insurance company weeks before the move to see what they cover. Decide what level of Valuation that is right for you.
  • Be available at your destination to tell the moving crew where you would like items placed at your new house.
  • Do not pack flammables, corrodibles, or combustibles in any box that is to go on the moving van.
  • Clothing may be left in sturdy dressers. They may be tipped so unload anything that you do not want to shift.
  • Remember that moving is hard on pets, having a secure location for them during the process reduces their stress.
  • If you are packing yourself, make sure all boxes are packed and are enclosed.
March 26th, 2015|Moving Tips|