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In-Nebraska Moves

Heartland Moving is an Unmatched Value for In-Nebraska Moves

With our combination of affordable pricing and leading Lincoln in personal care and our trained, professional movers, we believe that Heartland Moving provides a value unmatched by any other local or national moving company.
If you are moving to or from Lincoln, Omaha, Waverly, Norfolk, Columbus, and surrounding areas, you can trust Heartland Moving as your Nebraska-owned moving company.

How are In-Nebraska moves priced?

Nebraska’s moving industry is regulated and protected by the Nebraska Public Service Commission. Prices are determined by the tariff that the Commission publishes and distributes to all licensed movers.

Weight and distance are the factors used to determine how each move is priced, along with any packing or additional services requested by the customer. All prices are non-competitive – your final price would be exactly the same regardless of moving company.

All estimates for In-Nebraska moves are standard and non-binding. The estimate gives you an idea of what a move may cost, however it can fluctuate up or down based on actual weight and services.

When comparing estimates, remember that each estimate reflects the costs based on estimated weight and services. The final cost will be calculated using actual weight and services – this cost will not vary from one moving company to another.

We would be happy to show you how our prices and services compare. Give us a call at 402-466-1112 or fill out the form above for your free, no-obligation quote.

Heartland Moving

As Lincoln’s only local, Nebraska-owned moving company, comprehensive moving services for your moves within Nebraska. We serve the entire state, including moves to or from Lincoln, Omaha, Waverly, Norfolk, Columbus, and surrounding areas. As Lincoln’s leader in personal care and trained professional service, paired with affordable pricing – Heartland Moving offers a value unmatched by any other moving company.

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