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A Moving Love Story – Meet the Owners of Heartland Moving

In the summer of 2003, after wrapping up his teaching degree at the University of Nebraska – Kearney, Lee found himself at a crossroads. He’d worked at Kearney Moving all through college but didn’t want to settle for just keeping his college job. Fate intervened when he was tasked with moving his boss’s friend locally across Kearney during the scorching summer heat. While doing a walkthrough of the old home to ensure nothing else was left, he stumbled upon who he thought was the babysitter, but she turned out to be his future wife, Kristin. 

Lee seized every opportunity to chat with her, even volunteering to move all the boxes upstairs just to keep the conversation going. Disappointingly, Kristin disappeared before he could ask to see her again. However, fate helped him again when a family photo on the wall revealed she was the customer’s daughter. Now that he knew who she was and, being determined to find a reason to see her again, he started taking the long route to work every day, hoping to catch a glimpse of her at her parents’ convenience store. Eventually, he got her number, and they went on their first date—a cozy movie night with Lee’s homemade spaghetti and marinara sauce. 

Despite her leaving early to hang out with friends, Lee persisted, stopping by her work whenever possible. After a bit of back and forth, including one stood-up second date, they didn’t talk for months. 

Their connection was rekindled when Kristin called him out of the blue one evening as he was traveling home from a move to Indianapolis. As he approached St. Louis, Lee watched the lit-up archway in the distance grow larger, combining the view with the feeling of happiness while speaking to Kristin again. Lee and Kristin talked for hours, and he couldn’t wait to get back home. That conversation marked the beginning of an unbroken bond. 

Lee never planned to stay in the moving industry beyond college, but it ended up shaping their lives in unexpected ways. The industry challenged and blessed them more than they could’ve imagined. Lee learned that for someone who has a heart to serve, needs to stay busy (no, seriously—he is constantly pacing everywhere), and truly cares for others, starting Heartland Moving was one of the best choices he had made. From scenic motorcycle rides along the Oregon coast to exploring 48 of the 50 states and passing down the value of hard work to their kids, this industry brought Lee and Kristin closer, tested them, and rewarded them beyond measure. The foundation of their business—Heartland Moving—is built on the back of these beautiful moments and memories. Now, every day they strive to help those moving in Omaha, Lincoln, and Greater Nebraska communities create beautiful memories of their own.

If you would like to inquire about the moving services we provide, give our office a call at 402-466-1112 or fill out a contact form. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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