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Heartland Moving is an Unmatched Value for In-Nebraska Moves

With our combination of affordable pricing and leading Lincoln in personal care and our trained, professional movers, we believe that Heartland Moving provides a value unmatched by any other local or national moving company.
If you are moving to or from Lincoln, Omaha, Waverly, Norfolk, Columbus, and surrounding areas, you can trust Heartland Moving as your Nebraska-owned moving company.

How Are In-State Moves Priced?

Nebraska’s moving industry is regulated and protected by the Nebraska Public Service Commission. Prices are determined by the tariff that the Commission publishes and distributes to all licensed movers.

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Weight and distance are the factors used to determine how each move is priced, along with any packing or additional services requested by the customer. All prices are non-competitive – your final price would be exactly the same regardless of moving company.

When comparing moving companies, the only real variables are the mover’s hourly rate and their quality of personal service. At Heartland Moving, our mission is providing the highest level of professional, personal service.

All estimates for In-Nebraska moves are standard and non-binding. The estimate gives you an idea of what a move may cost, however it can fluctuate up or down based on actual weight and services.

When comparing estimates, remember that each estimate reflects the costs based on estimated weight and services. The final cost will be calculated using actual weight and services – this cost will not vary from one moving company to another.

We would be happy to show you how our prices and services compare. Give us a call at 402-466-1112 or fill out the form above for your free, no-obligation quote.

Tired Of The Stress Caused By Moving? Allow Us To Help...

Plan on moving soon? Contact us today for a free quote where we come to you and discuss your unique moving needs! Learn why so many trust us to care for their belongings.


Client Satisfaction Is Our Primary Focus

We combine the caring and quality of a local company with the services and standards of a national one! As Lincoln’s leader in personal care and professional service, along with our affordable pricing – we truly believe that Heartland Moving offers a value unmatched by any other moving company.

Quality & Satisfaction

Our commitment to your satisfaction is unwavering. We strive for excellence and work to make sure your move is a high quality experience.

Security & Reliability

We prioritize security, ensuring reliability in every aspect. Your peace of mind is our foundation. Our movers are diligently trained to keep your items secure and safe.

Flexibility & Advice

We know no move is the same. Your unique needs shape the approach we take to your move. Our extensive training and years of experience guarantee the best outcome.

Cutting-edge Solution

Our commitment to progress drives excellence, meeting challenges with pioneering solutions. We work to create innovative ways to solve whatever your move throws our way.

Have A Plan To Move?

Call around! It won’t take long to find out Heartland Moving is the best value In Lincoln movers! Serving Lincoln, Waverly and surrounding areas.

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