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Wash Day at Heartland Moving

How many men does it take to wash a straight truck? The answer is all of them because nobody wants to miss out on the fun. Truck-washing day is like a day at the water-park. Instead of water-guns, we have high-powered pressure washers, and rather than pool floaties we have extended scrub-brushes. These tools help ensure that we can reach from top to bottom on all sides and can scrub all the grime from every bolt and pop-rivet.

While we do regularly detail in the inside of our tractors, trailers, pup-trucks, and straight trucks, we only do (outer) truck washing twice a year to limit unnecessary waste of water. On truck-washing day, we start off by begging our guys not to wear bikinis to work. There is no systematic order in which they are washed but every truck is done one at a time and there is great attention to detail when it comes to scrubbing them. They are rinsed, soaped, scrubbed (repeat) and then parked to dry off while the next one is washed. Overall, truck washing day is fun for the whole company, and nice way to cool off in the summer heat.

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