Lincoln’s ONLY Locally Owned Agent

Heartland Moving is Lincoln’s only locally owned agency we are able to offer Lincoln’s most comprehensive service, combining the caring and quality of a local company with the services and standards of a national one.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be Nebraska’s most trusted moving company by adhering to ethical business practices and providing every customer with a superior service as we would our own families.

Why choose Heartland Moving?

• Full Service Mover
• Bonded and Insured
• Licensed to meet any moving need
• Experience “Value” in moving
• All Employees trained with nationally proven methods
• Full Background Checks on all employees for your family’s safety and peace of mind
• Highest Standard in Lincoln
• Year round employees – No “Day Labor”

Go New Places

Every day you go new places. Sometimes it’s just a small change in how you do things in your organization. Sometimes it’s actually moving things to new places on the globe. As an agent of Atlas Van Lines – one of the world’s best known and most trusted names in moving – we’re here to help. Whether your need is in household goods moving and relocation services, commercial/office and industrial, or specialized transportation and logistics, we look forward to serving you.

Packing Tips

Tips from the experts to help make your move go smoothly

  • Each box should be labeled with the room it needs to go into and a few of its contents for easy unpacking.
  • Always write on the side of boxes that you pack so you can see its contents while the box is stacked.
  • Always pack a “Parts” box, including hardware from disassembled furniture, remotes, and other essentials, LABEL IT WELL!
  • Check with your home owners insurance company weeks before the move to see what they cover. Decide what level of Valuation that is right for you.
  • Be available at your destination to tell the moving crew where you would like items placed at your new house.
  • Do not pack flammables, corrodibles, or combustibles in any box that is to go on the moving van.
  • Clothing may be left in sturdy dressers. They may be tipped so unload anything that you do not want to shift.
  • Remember that moving is hard on pets, having a secure location for them during the process reduces their stress.
  • If you are packing yourself, make sure all boxes are packed and are enclosed. Nothing affects how smoothly your move goes than being packed and ready.

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