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What can we do to be better prepared for our move?

Hi everyone!

One of the most common questions that we receive here at Heartland is, “What can we do to be better prepared for our move?” I’m here to answer that question for you! Below is a list of just a few things you can do to make the actual move go smoothly and be much easier for you.

1.Change your address before you move.

    1. Change electricity, water, gas, garbage, internet, cable, etc.
    2. Update the Department of Motor Vehicles.
    3. Any companies that send you bills.
    4. Update online shopping accounts.

2.Get free packing and moving supplies.

  1. Many super markets have free, empty boxes available if you call. We also offer free, used boxes here as well!
  2. Calculate your moving costs.
  3. Choose a moving company that will best suit you and one that adheres to your values!
  4. Prime your home before moving in.
    1. If you have access to your new home a day or a few days before the actual move – go in and clean, paint, and fix up anything that needs touch ups.

Below is a link that will give you more details and insight into a few more things that you can do yourself!


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